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Mengo Várzea Chesterton Hattrick International (2055311)


# 6 in IV.19

Still in Hattrick International Cup.

Club details

Managed by mengomengo Supporter Platinum

2 474 members in Catholic, Gentlemen and FLAMENGO supporters

Stadium: Mengo Várzea Chester Arena (capacity 40 000)

Ranked 492

Press announcement

3-14-2019 Great finisih to season 7

The world goes round! During season 5 we lost the title in the last minutes, but in season 7 the script was different.

After an thrilling contest against the italian squad of Valdarno IFC, going toe-to-toe during all season, we played each other in the last round to decide the league winner. The home advantage was ours, both were 34pt, but they were the leadears due to goal difference.

The atmosphere was fantastic, with a crowded stadium, and after a tantalizing encounter with 9 goals, we became champions! The crowd silenced after the visitors got 4-4 in the 84th minute, but the the stadium almost collapsed when Tauro Tapia scored the winning goal in the 88th minute!

Then we played another italian opposition in the qualies, and a impresive 12-0 cofirmed the promotion!

Now the challenge is to keep in IV division.

See the complete news in (https://mengovarzeachesterton.wordpress.com/2019/03/14/great-finish-to-season-7/)

Também com versão em português =)

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